Best Android Games Online

Love playing games in your spare time? But cannot find the best android games online version. Do not worry we’ve created a list of Best Android games online version, to help you find the best game. You can play all the games in our list of Android games onlineversion for free and with friends in multiplayer column through internet connectivity.

Starting with the list first we have:

1) PUBG Mobile:

Best Android Games Online/pubg mobile
Best Android Games Online – pubg mobile

Players Unknown BattleGrounds, a superb game created by Brendan Greene, launched on 19 March 2018 in India. It is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

It also has a pc version which you can buy on Steam, but the mobile version is free to play. I have played this game, and I should tell you it’s pretty addictive.

It’s mainly about guns, you land in a play zone, collect guns and ammo to hunt and kill other players who are playing against you.

 You can team up with your friends, make up a squad and starts knocking players down!  PUBG has won the game of the year award by play store for being one of the most played android games in 2018. It is one of the best free online games for Android.

2) Clash of Clans: 

Best Android Games Online/coc
Best Android Games Online – coc

 You must have heard of this game it is the second most addictive game in our list of best android games online version. It has been in craze among the youngsters and some elders too! Before PUBG, Clash of Clans was one of the most played android games.

It is also a multiplayer game where you have a land cum home, which is for you to use and grow in-game cash(Gold and elixir), later used to buy in-game troops and weapon to attack and defend your village, respectively.

Troops are your fighters, you train them, upgrade and take them to attack other player’s village and loot their Gold and Elixir for your village, to upgrade your town hall!

Townhall is the most important part of your village you upgrade it to get more buildings and weapons. The highest Townhall is 13, it could take up to 2 to 3 years to reach there. I played this game for almost 2 years and I have a Townhall 11 maxed id.

You also have a Clan in this game where you can add up to 50 members and have a war fight between two clans.

Clash of Clans is also one of the best multiplayer games for Android and free online games for Android.

3) DeadTrigger2:

Best Android Games Online/dead trigger 2
Best Android Games Online – dead trigger 2

What if zombies attack you in the real world? That would be terrible, right?

But in this game, you can feel how is it like to be invaded by zombies.

DeadTrigger 2 is an FPP(First Person Perspective) shooting game. In this, you shoot zombies with all types of guns. The graphics of this game are just amazing, I personally loved this game!

You get to play different interesting stories, you need to be connected to the internet as all your data is saved on the servers.

As you keep doing missions, you collect points that help you to unlock shops which will upgrade your weapons and throwables cause as you grow you will face stronger and more dangerous zombies, so you need to unlock more powerful guns to kill these types of zombies. It is free to play and you can download it from play store.

4) Sim City:

Best Android Games Online/simcity
Best Android Games Online – simcity

Would you like to have your own city, where you are the KING? Yes, you would! But cannot do that in real life. But, don’t worry we are here to help you out. We’ve chosen one of the top android games for free to that!

Sim City is one of the top android games free to play.  You can download this beautiful game from the play store and use this to fulfill your dream of being a King!

In this game, you will get a plain ground where you will construct new buildings, shops, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, apartments and so much more.

There will be in-game people living there and you have to improve your city to make them feel better. This game is just lovable, you get to see live small peoples, cars and feel like you were a giant in front of them.

5) Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Best Android Games Online/nfsmw
Best Android Games Online – nfsmw

If you like fast cars and want to race with them, then this game is for you.

NFS Most Wanted features all types of cars like BMW, AUDI, Lamborgini, Ferrari and other amazing sports cars.

I’ve played this game for a while and I absolutely loved it, it has cool and high-quality graphics, which makes it the no. 1 racing game in our “list of Android games online” version.

You can earn in-game cash by playing races and finish first, you can use the won cash to buy new parts and design for your cars.

This game is available on play store, it’s not free you have to them for playing this game, but the amount they charge you is totally worth for what you get in return.


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