HardDisk Types

We all use hard disk in our systems to save our important data and other important files. But did you know there were many HardDisk Types, each created for different purposes? Today we discuss all HardDisk Types, their speed, and their purpose.

Understanding Harddrive :

For storing, music, videos, documents, and our personal data we need some special hardware in which these files can be safely stored and we can access them whenever needed. And these files should be kept safe without the need of electricity. So we select the magnet for this purpose, we use magnetic writing techniques to read-write data in a hard drive.

Working of a Hard drive :

Types of HardDisk/Hard Disk
Types of HardDisk – Hard Disk

It has a spinning disk also known as Platter which actually stores data, the disk revolves over a spinning motor. The circular disk is divided into tracks and each track has several sectors, so it is easy to locate data. The platter above motor spins very fastly. Now to read-write data in disk we use a header which is very close to disk but not touches platter it is approx. The header is made up of aluminum, sometimes glass now it is coated with Nickel, Cobalt or Platinum to make it magnetic now finally coated with Carbon to prevent any reduce chemical damage and the surface becomes smooth.
The speed of rotation of platter can be 3,600 rpm, 5,400 rpm, 7,200 rpm or soon…..
Now every small sector can be magnetized in 2 ways
-In North orientation
-In South orientation
The number of platters in a low capacity Hard drive is one, but as the capacity increases the no. of platters increase.

Types of Hard disk connection :

There are 3 HardDisk Types used till now :

1)PATA(Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)
2)SATA(Serial ATA)
3)SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)


Types of HardDisk/PATA
Types of HardDisk – PATA

It was created by Western Digital and called Integrated Drive Electronics(IDE) originally.
These are connected using very thick wire set which are of 2 types
40 wire cable and 80 wire cable. One side of the wire is connected to the motherboard and other to the Harddrive.

Speed: 1066 Mb/sec (acc. to last updated version 4.0 PATA)


Types of HardDisk/PATA
Types of HardDisk – SATA

These types of hard disks can be seen easily nowadays in PCs they have replaced PATA from the market as they have thin wires, easy configuration system, and a high-speed performance comparatively from PATA.

speed: 6Gb/sec(acc. to the latest SATA 3.0)


It is created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
SCSI has a wide range of connectivity it can be connected to printers, scanners, etc….

speed: 320 mb/sec according to ultra-320 SCSI.

Something similar to it(SSD):

Types of HardDisk/SSD
Types of HardDisk – SSD

SSD or Solid State Drive is named due to its physical property.
An SSD is completely solid hence, does not contain any moving part. It is the fastest secondary storage device available till now on market. This technology is a bit costly than a hard drive, but it can boost system performance up to the next level. It uses a similar connector cable like SATA hard disk.

speed: 30% faster than HDD


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