Best Android Games Offline

Love playing games in your spare time? But cannot find the Best Android Games Offline version. Do not worry we’ve created a list of Android games offline version to help you find the best game. You can play all the games in our list of Android games offline version for free and without internet connectivity.
Starting with the list first we have:

1) Car racing: Need for Speed : No Limits

Best Android Games Offline./NFS No Limits
Best Android Games Offline – NFS No Limits

Yes, you can play NFS No Limits in your android smartphone without any internet connection, but only if you wish to play against AI racers under solo mode.
It also has an online version where you race with other players around the world.
I’ve played this game for a while and I absolutely loved it, it has cool and high-quality graphics, which makes it the no. 1 racing game in our list of Android games offline version.
You can earn in-game cash by playing races and finish first, you can use the won cash to buy new parts and design for your cars.
NFS No Limits features all types of cars like BMW, AUDI, Lamborgini and other amazing sports cars.

2) Adventure: Modern Combat 5

Best Android Games Offline/Modern Combat 5
Best Android Games Offline – Modern Combat 5

If you like shooting guns at enemies, knock them down with different explosives then, you should play Modern Combat 5.
This game is like Counter-Strike, where you are on a mission to kill your enemies and complete given tasks.
It has insane high-quality graphics that will attract you to play this game more often! So, don’t get addicted to its high-quality graphics.
You can also play this game online with your friends, just connect to internet switch to the multiplayer mode, make a squad with your friends and start hunting down enemies with your gunshots.
As you play different missions you will gain rank and unlock more deadly guns to knock your enemy!
Modern Combat 5 is the best offline action games for android to play.

3) Strategy: Plant vs Zombie

Best Android Games Offline/Plant vs Zombie
Best Android Games Offline – Plant vs Zombie

The best strategical game I was addicted to for almost a year. It is the funniest and surprising game to play with strategy.
In this game, you get to play the role of plants, planted in a backyard field which is attacked by a wave of zombies, trying to get into the house by the back door.
Now it is up to you to save the people living in the house by creating obstacles in the way of the zombies, it’s pretty hilarious.
While playing the game you collect coins which you can use to buy new plants and attack zombies with them. It is truly one of the best free offline android games

4) Puzzle-solving: Limbo

Best Android Games Offline/Limbo
Best Android Games Offline – Limbo

I played the pc version of this game, and soon after playing just 2 levels of this game, I knew I’ll be addicted to this game.
If I had two words to describe this game I would say “Harrowing and beautiful.”
It will truly test your problem-solving skills and train your brain to an extreme level. The creator of this game “PLAYDEAD”, has done some serious work in creating this game.
You will be puzzled while playing it, It was free before and now its costs 300Rs on Play Store. But, it’s worth the content you are getting in return.

5) Adventure: Badland

Best Android Games Offline - Badland 2
Best Android Games Offline – Badland

BADLAND is an award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game, set out in a forest, full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers.
In this game, you control one of the forest dwellers to find out what is going on by scrolling through the forest in a funny way.

BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level, it has amazing forests themes and audio which will blow your mind, you cannot stop playing this game it is really addicting.
BADLAND also has a multiplayer mode which allows four players to play on a single device, it’s like you play against or with them in the same device.
It is truly amazing and best free offline android games.

What I played the most:

The games that I’ve collected are best in their own category, but my favorite is plant vs zombies. It is so addictive and amazing. Once you start playing you just cannot and will not take your hands-off. It is the rule of the game.


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